There is no definitive, there is no absolute,
We are one and the same, I am you and you are me.
Therefore, do not bind me, do not cage me,
Rise with me, be free with me…
Show me love and I will know love, Show me good and I will know good,
And once I know, I too will become a light for others.
Let us be a billion little lights together,

Our Story

        Our story began with humble beginnings: a vision of a world void of labels, instead blinded with a billion lights strung together in harmonious accord. To envision undivided appreciation for all individualities. A jewelry line that was empowering not only through careful craftsmanship and stunning aesthetics, but more importantly a manifestation of a lifestyle trend that would spread the idea of empathy and equality for all.


Inspired by the founding principles of the French Foreign Legion in its acceptance of all nationalities, unprecedented non-allegiance to any sovereign or state, and its morale of “esprit de corps;” Light Legion aims to be a symbol of unity and goodness in humanity.


By thoughtfully fabricating our jewelry to emulate collection themes, we wish to introduce a new line of accessories that transcends contemporary fashion standards both creatively and progressively; to be the forerunners of an age of style that is not restrained by boundaries of ethnicity, gender, religion, or stratum.


Designed and made in Los Angeles to emphasize artistry with modesty, and more importantly equality through quality. Light Legion strives to not only provide fashionable streetwear jewelry but to establish a hallmark brand of positivity, appreciation, and doing good for all.