Collection One: Light

Light is truly an amazing element, and is the foundation of our first collection. Light is piercing, and brilliant; adaptable yet elusive. In the face of adversity and hardship, we sometimes lose sight of our own light.  But like light, we too, are enduring, and reflect off hard surfaces to radiate stronger. Like light, we are capable of splitting darkness through any crack or fault and be known. In this collection, we’ve chosen to reflect the various manifestations of light into each of the designs. Each item represents a visual characteristic of light that we’ve incorporated with thought and precision into this very first collection.



axa inspired by digital networks of light; circuitry matrixes under the surface of our electronics weaving with one another in harmony.



ede takes the light in the form of prismatic reflections; waves of light rebounding off polygonal surfaces. Taking on various shapes of brilliance in an ever-changing panoramic pattern.



eme a phosphorescence of sparkling light; subtly brilliant, and yet translucent. A saturation of light piercing and shining through. Obscure and soft, but illustrious enough to be made known.



iri represents grandeur shows of light, beams that emit from a single source and penetrate our evening twilight, visual stimulation as far as the eye can see.



lal diffusion of light radiating through the cracks and crevices of walls and doors; dancing amongst the shadows, highlighting passages which would otherwise be enveloped in darkness.



nan a center void of light with radiance blasting off from every direction in a celestial fashion. Extending their cosmic light to the furthest reaches of existence.



oro the speed as to which light travels; a supersonic spectrum of luminescence breaking through all barriers and pushing forward.



tet features architectural and natural light illuminating from panels and windows. Ballads of LED consonance from voltage and fluorescent imagery.

Our Trademark

The trademark of our project is built on the idea of neutrality and acceptance for every human being. We want to extend this concept to all through our consciously thought out collections of jewelry. To affirm that all individuals are created unique and beautiful. Which is why each design element under their respective collection features palindrome identities. Where the names are read the same forwards as they are backwards. A visual interpretation of impartiality. What started off as a set of avant garde ideas dubbed as “Project Palindrome” soon turned into reality with the creation of Light Legion.